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Erick Duchesneau | Sunday, 17 December 2006
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Sunday, 29 February 2004

Erick Duchesneau

190 Lees Avenue, Apt. 1116
Ottawa (Ontario), K1S 5L5, Canada

Technical and Professional Skills

Programming languages

C, C++, C#, Java, Scriptit, Kix, Motorola assembler, Scheme, Fortran, UML, VHDL, Rational Rose Real-Time


OrCAD, Windows, Windows applications, MATLAB, Transfinite's Visualyse, SEAMCAT, PSPICE, Electronics Workbench, Decibel Planner, Planet EV, Visual Studio .NET, Visual Studio 6, Altera MAX+Plus II , Visual Source Safe, DOS, Clear Case, Basic knowledge of Linux.

Technical and Analytical

Programming and testing of FPGAs using Altera MAX+Plus II
Designed, implemented and tested circuits
Debugged hardware systems using Oscilloscopes, Function Generators and Spectrum analyzers
Basic soldering skills


Strong independent worker and enjoys working in team environments
Ability to learn new concepts, theories and technologies
The ability to organize and lead a group


Fluently Bilingual in both French and English

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Marconi Wireless, Kanata, Ontario Skills used
Client : Marconi Wireless
Role : Software Engineer of RF propagation algorithms
Dates : May 2003 - August 2003

Project Details:
  • Maintained and improved wireless network analysis software called Planet EV using Visual Studio.NET(C/C++, C#)
  • Created and tested new features such as; RF propagation models, slope algorithms, model tuning algorithm and large files support
  • Ensured the robustness of Marconi RF propagation model in Planet EV using test data from a previous version of Planet EV
  • Verified the accuracy of results produced by RF propagation algorithms using hand made calculations
Programming languages and tools:
  • C / C++ / C#
  • Visual Studio.NET
  • Visual Studio 6
  • Rational Rose Clear Case
  • Visual Source Safe
Software Tools:
  • Planet EV
  • Decibel Planner

Other Skills:

  • Debugging

Spectrum Engineer, Industry Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Skills used
Client : Industry Canada
Role : Spectrum Engineer
Dates : September 2002 - December 2002

Project Details:
  • Maintained work station consisting of two PCs used for simulation and analysis of RF standards
  • Created databases of ITU-R recommendations
  • Gave a tutorial on SEAMCAT a spectrum analysis tool developed by the ERO
  • Created a simulation of Radio LANs interfering into Radar using SEAMCAT
Software Tools:
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Power Point

Other Skills:

  • Leadership
  • Public Speaking

Spectrum Engineer, Industry Canada, Ottawa, Ontario Skills used
Client : Industry Canada
Role : Spectrum Engineer
Dates : January 2002 - April 2002

Project Details:
  • Implemented, tested and documented Okumura-Hata, Modified Hata, EGLI and Free Space RF propagation models in MATLAB
  • Analyzed commercially available propagation software , and updated documentation used to evaluate
  • Created a simulation program to model satellite constellations and gather data for the ITU using a combination of MATLAB and Transfinite's Visualyse
  • Wrote a contribution to WP 4-9S Fixed Satellite based on ITU-R F.1108

Programming languages


Software Tools:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Visualyse

Other Skills:

  • Writing
  • Debugging

Information Services Representative, Falconbridge LTD, Sudbury, Ontario Skills used
Client : Falconbridge LTD
Role : Information Services Representative
Dates : Summer of 2001 and 2000

Project Details:
  • Designed, implemented, tested and documented Windows 2000 workstation install automation using a combination of Batch commands, Kix and Scriptit
  • Analyzed compatibility issues of CleverPath "Forest and Trees" with Microsoft Excel and modified VB scripts to solve the issues
  • Created installs and logon scripts using Kix and Scriptit for Windows 2000, NT and 98
  • Built an Access Database for company phonebook
  • Evaluated software for upgrade of AS400 IBM Mainframe

Programming Languages

  • Kix
  • Visual Basic

Software Tools:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Scriptit
  • Microsoft Access

Other Skills:

  • Debugging

Engineering Projects

Software Projects

  • Built assembly programs on Motorola 68HC12
  • Created GUIs and programs using MATLAB
  • Wrote story line for and tested Tactical Ops single player game
  • Developed a program in VHDL that models an unfair coke machine using state machines

Laboratory Projects

  • Programmed a DSP processor to implement various types of digital filters
  • Created a maze-solving robot using a right wall tracking algorithm. The robot contained many parts which all had to be interconnected. These included: a wireless device, two servos, three IR sensors and bumper switches. Power going to the devices had to be regulated and inputs to the Altera were buffered. VHDL code was used to control the devices and retrieve information. The robot communicated with a computer using a wireless Rx and the computer communicated with the Rx with a serial port. Java was used to manage the data received from the robot
  • Created a working bus on an Altera NIOS Cyclone board. An Arbiter and two bus masters were created using VHDL. The bus Masters had the task to turn on/off lights on the NIOS Cyclone board, relying on shared memory to know which state to put the lights in

Additional Information


  • Created school curling team to play in School Board league in Sudbury
  • Currently coordinating a recreational floor hockey league in Ottawa
  • Weight lifting
  • Enjoy playing a game of Golf
  • Love the sport of Biking
  • Roller blading

Leisure Activities

  • Wood working
  • Reading


  • Ontario Steelworkers Union 6855 scholarship to a student with a high grade point average
  • Nortel Scholarship to students with high grade point averages

Volunteer Work

  • Editor-in-chief in 1999 and layout technician in 1998 of school yearbooks
  • Tutoring in Math and French


  • Level C first aid training at St. John Ambulance

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