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Erick Duchesneau | Sunday, 17 December 2006
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Sunday, 29 February 2004
Right now I am working on various projects, Some I can talk about, some, that well, until I am finished developing nobody will know.

I have three ongoing projects right now.

1. This web page, not just educhesneau.ottawaengineers.ca but the whole www.ottawaengineers.ca web site. Its an idea a few of us new grads had, creating a web page for us. I would like to see a web community formed with it, all the engineers in ottawa could share events, and help each other out.

2. OpenGl game, this is just a small project I started with a friend, create a opengl game open source, so that we can have fun later on when it does work. Actually we are having fun just building it. You can check our progress here there should be some screan shots coming up pretty soon.

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