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Erick Duchesneau | Sunday, 17 December 2006
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Who am I?
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Sunday, 29 February 2004

Who better to tell you who I am but me. I am a recent graduate from the University of Ottawa. I have my bachelor in computer engineering. I had planned on continuing my studies, I am very interested in doing a masters in wireless communications. Currently I am working for CAE, a firm that develops airplane simulators; they are also contractors for the Canadian Military where they maintain the software on CF-18s. The CF-18 is a war plan, like the F-16 and such. I am currently working in the military division, working on the CF-18 software. I really love what I am doing, I have just started recently and I am loving it already.

Of course taking the job meant moving from Ottawa to Montreal. I still maintain my Ottawaengineers website. Now I have to find myself an apartment a car and all that jazz. I think I will start a MontrealEngineers site too or maybe just CanadaEngineers. That way everybody can become member!

I am looking for a running room in Montreal so I can get myself some good shoes and maybe take a clinic. I also want to start kayaking regularly this summer. I will probably be taking a course for that too. I have found myself a new Floor Hockey league here, I am a spare in that league eventually I will become a full member I hope. I have also started curling again, as a spare of course, I wish that they would call me more often though, but next year I guess I can become a full member, depending on where I find an apartment.

Now you know a little bit more about me.
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